Selected Writings

The Suicide Midwife_Regeneration after attempted suicide Presented at the National Suicide Prevention Conference, Perth, Western Australia, 24 July 2014

Interview with C.C. Myers by  Cara Anna from Talking About Suicide – Because it’s not a taboo, June 2013

A BLESSING FOR HUMANITY Share this blessing with one friend and ride the blessing train as a human race! Created for the Ripple of Change: Messages that inspire and change the world, February 2013

The Labyrinth_A woman’s story of one woman’s way This article was written for the This Place is Yours mook, launched March 2013,

The Burping Birds and The Synchronistic Ducks A poem dedicated to my community, written and performed with Rosie Jarwood at Deepen Community Gathering 2012/13

A Giveaway Christmas What do Hobbits, the Inuit Tribe and Buddhism all have in common? Come on board the ancient evolution of a Global Giveaway Christmas and give consumer enterprise the flick, in favour of a Giveway for a friend, family or foe. Feature article for GASHE Magazine, December 2012,

Brother, Sister, Hear My Call This poem is a powerful Call to Arms and an inspiration for people who experience depressive spells, suicidal ideation and self-harm

Trick or Treat? Well-Being on the Street Introducing The Babyfacedassassin to God and She! Feature article for GASHE Magazine, October 2012,

What Did the Black Dog Say to the Purple Octopus at the Mental Crossroads? This storytelling (followed by discussion)  broached the subject of suicide and spirituality at the beautiful women’s only gathering, Seven Sisters Festival 2012,

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