The Babyfacedassassin’s Rhymes for the Recently Dis-Eased

The Babyfacedassassin’s Rhymes for the Recently Dis-Eased


Meet Colette, a sad and suicidal young woman coming to terms with her haunting depression. Her plight is topsy-turvy yet her will is fuelled by faith. Based on the lived experience of the author, discover the unspoken, uncensored, uncompromised inroads towards freedom from ‘mental illness’.


The Babyfacedassassin’s Rhymes for the Recently Dis-Eased explores all facets of mental health care including psychiatry, psychoanalysis, spirituality, philosophy and creativity.

No thoughts are left unturned! No hearts are left untouched!




Writing Ninja

My name is C.C. Myers and I decided to write a book about my experiences of ‘mental illness’, or what I like to call my psychological, emotional and spiritual challenges.  I know it’s a little wordy but it’s definitely a lot more accurate, and it’s important that I tell my story exactly how it happened.

I’ve been writing stories since I could hold a pen but I never planned to write about such heavy themes of depression, self-harm and suicide. I suppose they’re not the most ‘feel good’ topics but funnily enough, these experiences have truly taught me what it means to ‘feel good’.

These have been painful but empowering experiences, ones that have prepared me for life. So I created a book about them which includes 150 pages brimming with rhyme, real-life stories, colourful photography and provocative quotes. With a preface written by author and human rights activist, Arnold Zable, this book is testament to our shared belief:    that storytelling has the potential to heal humanity.

Learn how to overcome the challenge of self-harm.

Discover new opportunities for creativity, spirituality and personal development.

Trust that your heart is your greatest friend.

Create a life of gentleness, courage, resilience and peace.

Most discussion about ‘mental illness’ is scientific and based upon having a problem. This book takes a more inspiring and life-affirming tone.

The Babyfacedassassin’s Rhymes for the Recently Dis-Eased challenges the assumption that our psychological, emotional and spiritual challenges make us ill-defined, and highlights how powerful the heart and soul are to our mental health.

I hope you find my rhymes comforting in times of distress, entertaining in times of depression and inspiring in times of despair.

Love always, C.C. Myers



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