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Beneath the kimono and the purple lipstick, beyond the shape of my body, I’m simply an ordinary woman with an extra-ordinary ability no more special than yours. And that is, the ability to lead my life with a strong, loving heart and follow my truth with an indomitable spirit.

If there was ever one thing that thought to challenge these abilities, it was my mind, and in being challenged I have been led down dark passages of time in the form of depression, anxiety, self-harm and attempted suicide.

Between the ages of 15 and 30, the majority of my time has been spent overcoming trauma, moving in and out of psychiatric clinics – sometimes visiting for 3 months – trialling many different medications and bearing multiple diagnoses of depression, bipolar and psychosis.

During that time I found that these diagnoses and the prescriptive treatments that came with them did not honour my integrity as a woman, nor was there ever mention of the power of my heart and soul in the improvement of my wellbeing.

So I explored them. I listened to them. I moved away from psychiatric intervention with the knowledge that my mental health was not just dependent on the chemistry in my brain or the thoughts in my head, but an indication of the health of my body, my spirit and my connection with humanity.

The Babyfacedassassin is a collection of all that I wish I had come across when I was 15 years old and first introduced to psychiatric mental health care. It’s a celebration of the Creative, Embodiment and Sacred Arts that have helped me heal from psychological distress to the degree whereby I no longer live with medication, psychiatric intervention and lifelong diagnosis. These are the arts that helped me express, connect with, awaken and strengthen my heart and soul, and have formed the backbone of my approach to self-care.

If I have had a mental illness, then I have clearly transformed it and in doing so, have a wealth of skill, wisdom and personal commitment to caring for my mental health everyday. It is these skills that I chose to share with you here in my own creative fashion, with the faith that they activate your own heart and soul into loving action.

C.C. Myers, The Babyfacedassassin