How to overcome depression with C.C. Myers and Sarah K Jones

I was recently interviewed by intuitive spiritual healer and reiki master, Sarah K Jones. As well as these incredible gifts, Sarah K is also a mother and radiant woman who I have often sought counsel with for mental health issues, and for spiritual guidance in general. Sarah K takes appreciation of the sacred to a whole other level through the service she offers in the world. Find out more about her courses, meditations, healings, writing and consultations through her website. (I highly recommend downloading the free grounding meditation which quickly became my after-work wind-down.)

Connecting with someone like Sarah K uplifts my spirit, because she wholeheartedly captures how leading a spiritually inspired life – and therefore a soulful life – feeds back into our health and wellbeing. It was an honour to be interviewed about my knowledge and experience of depression by Sarah K. Her openness to recognise aspects of depression that mainstream perspectives neglect, allowed for rich conversation about the heart and soul of the matter.

Read the full interview here.

Contact Sarah K for healings, spiritual guidance and wisdom of the self-empowered kind.
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