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The Babyfacedassassin: A Messenger

You don’t need to be a musician to prove that music can uplift the soul, and evoke and express emotion. You don’t have to be a monk to extol the benefits of bringing awareness to the breath to calm the mind. And you don’t need to be a saint to experience miracles and epiphanies, however […]

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From Dr Ernie to Dr Seuss: How Psychiatry Shaped My Life

Life after a ‘mental illness’ is not something Psychiatry promotes often. I think they’re pre-occupied with treatment plans and tempering crises, monitoring meds and moods, so this blog may read as a fairy-tale ending to a Life of Psy. I will also explain some of the challenges that come with moving on from a system […]

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The Evolution of Suffering – Part 1: On Eckart Tolle

I’d consider Ekhart Tolle a good buddy of mine but I can’t say I liked him upon first meeting. He highlighted the habitual way I referred to troubles of my mind,  ways that were limiting and disempowering.   It was Ek who bust through my self-imposed suffering when he wrote something along the lines of, […]

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Studio Change Room, Montsalvat

Welcome! The Multidimensional Launch of The Babyfacedassassin!

This Blog is written with the presupposition that depressive spells, suicidal ideation and self-harming impulses are natural responses to the challenges of life. Granted there is support, nurturing, understanding and a degree of freewill, these aspects of human nature need not be feared but accepted, overcome and gently put to rest. I’m not interested in pinpointing why […]

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