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“I pledge my commitment to the Blog for Mental Health 2014 Project. ...
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What People Say

This is what Charlotte has achieved in both verse and image. By putting it out there, publishing it, she has transformed her own struggles into a gift of sharing. It requires courage, the willingness to hold up the mirror to ones own fragility and vulnerability. In short, the willingness to express what it means to be human. Nothing left to lose is the starting point. And in accepting and expressing it, so much is regained. Thank you Charlotte.                              – Arnold Zable, President of PEN international, human rights advocate and author


For much of my life I have struggled with depression, anxiety and self-acceptance and I decided I wanted to pursue alternative ways of managing and overcoming my struggles that didn’t involve prescription medication. On reading Charlotte’s Babyfacedassassin website I gained some tremendous insights and found myself saying “yes! this really speaks to me!” – Craig

I have been educated, moved and motivated by the work Charlotte is doing to increase awareness and empathy for mental illness. I believe there is powerful change being made through her efforts and I am so very thankful for her tireless dedication to this work. – Keren Flavell, TownHall Social

I think Charlotte is doing very important work with suicide. I too have faced the abyss on one very long dark night of the soul about 6 years ago. Still not sure how I got through it. Somehow the will to live was stronger but I know what it is to be consumed with doubt, self-loathing and a total loss of self-love. Charlotte is doing vital and deeply valued work. – Anon

I’m always moved by The Babyfacedassassin’s advocacy work in the mental health sector because it’s grounded in lived experience. Her work in promoting the sacred and healing arts, and how this has assisted in her recovery, clearly demonstrates the powerful benefits of venturing outside traditional medical psychiatric treatments. I think she balances this promotion well by recognising that at times, and for many, traditional medical treatments are also needed. – Eleni

Charlotte is a clear and inspiring voice in the field of mental health. Her insights and inspiring ideas about alternatives in mental health recovery are paving the way for transformation amongst individuals and organisations not only in the mental health field but the world at large. The world needs voices like Charlotte’s at this time, and it warms my heart to know she is out there and making positive change happen.  – Liam, Dance and Transformational Practitioner

How ‘Mental Illness’ Prepared me for Motherhood

‘Nothing prepares you for motherhood!’ I hear the wise woman say. ‘You’re never really ready for birth and beyond.’ I get the picture, that the magnificence of childbearing and motherhood is a learn-on-the-job experience. I’m the first to admit, nothing could have prepared me for drawing the short-straw of 8 months of ‘morning sickness’. But […]

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Embodied Voice: Connect, express, empower!

When you discover a program for women that weaves the Creative, Embodiment and Sacred Arts, you know there’s been a paradigm shift in how we live and breath wellbeing. Meeting Ee’da Brahim and Kattimôni Kat Beames from Embodied Voice was like Christmas for me. Not only do their souls sing sprightly with an angelic calling, fostering community programs […]

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Keep Calm and Call an Arts Therapist

Creative and expressive arts therapies have emerged from strength to strength throughout the mental health spectrum. This is a welcome emergence! Some may be familiar with the cathartic nature of transforming emotions through art – you would have to be reading from under a rock to not see how The BFA creative endeavour has facilitated my own evolution through suffering – […]

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On 3CR 855am radio: Voicing transformation from mental illness to wellbeing

I was interviewed by Kate Milan from Melbourne’s 3CR 855am Community Radio, about my work as a mental health activist engaging with the community about prominent mental health issues. It was such a relief to speak to someone who shares the same vision for a mental health care system that honours the individual’s right to chose their […]

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Sisters for Sisters Fundraising: On depression and suicide prevention among men

I was invited to speak at the gorgeous Sisters For Sisters fundraising event about current news from the Australian Suicide Prevention sector, storytelling from recent conversations, fact-finding and progressive perspectives that have inspired me since the National Suicide Prevention Conference, Perth 2014. This particular episode, Brothers in Our Arms, was hosted to show support for men in […]

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Interview for HuffPost Live: Why Suicide Isn’t Cowardly or Selfish

I love Robin Williams and all he gifted the world with, so in honour of his life I spoke to HuffPost Live about why suicide isn’t cowardly or selfish, with the hope that people who have judged Robin Williams for his choice, might shift their focus towards compassion and empathy for those who experience a suicidal […]

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Social Workers, We Salute You!

You’ve got to move past the ‘fluffiness’ of heart and soul to recognise that social change occurs through love in action! My favouritism for Social Workers among all mental health professionals lends itself to their day-in-day-out, tireless work supporting the recovery journey of people experiencing mental health issues. Like mama’s milk to our society and rarely praised enough, […]

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The Babyfacedassassin at the National Suicide Prevention Conference

I’ve got a new perspective on suicide. I nabbed it from the National Suicide Prevention Conference. I reckon you’ll like it too. So the reality is that for some people suicide becomes a solution. It becomes a ‘way out’, an escape and end to intolerable pain. It holds a kind of morbid promise when our dreams reduce to […]

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My Life in a Storeroom – A Community Mental Health Service

It’s a little known fact that I spend 25 hours a week in a Store Room – that’s half my full-time job, and it dawned on me today that I never talk to anyone about me and my special Store Room, yet in the last 12 months of inhabiting this space it’s become a lesser […]

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Suicide Prevention: Be educated, be prepared, be proactive

So we all know suffering breeds in silence, right? And we know that one of the most silent forms of suffering is suicidality. Well, more so throughout history, because today there is a world out there of research, programs, support groups, direct care services, conferences, helplines and people with a lived experience of suicide, who are pooling together to […]

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