Interview for HuffPost Live: Why Suicide Isn’t Cowardly or Selfish

I love Robin Williams and all he gifted the world with, so in honour of his life I spoke to HuffPost Live about why suicide isn’t cowardly or selfish, with the hope that people who have judged Robin Williams for his choice, might shift their focus towards compassion and empathy for those who experience a suicidal crisis and depression.

Rest in Peace Robin Williams.


C.C. Myers

The Babyfacedassassin






2 Responses to “Interview for HuffPost Live: Why Suicide Isn’t Cowardly or Selfish”

  1. Fun Woman August 27, 2014 9:54 pm #

    I think the idea of suicide is so alien to a lot of people that it is really very frightening.
    It induces panic in people – a wildness that they cannot control or comprehend.
    To be in such a dark hole is a devastating place to be. And, to be ‘on the other end’ – with a suicidal person – cajoling, bargaining, wooing, negotiating, bullying, cooing, reasoning and begging, I know, can feel really deranged. And unfair! Like it doesn’t have to be. Like they could choose otherwise. It is so very difficult for most people to understand, especially when it is tied up with the emotions brought up by thoughts of losing a loved one.

    Thanks BFA for getting involved with this interview/discussion. I liked the way you wove the aspects of the issue with gently empowering people to uncover their tools to cope with those around them that may be struggling.

    Love your smile. (Cos its real.)
    xx Fun Woman

    • charlotteclaire August 28, 2014 11:25 pm #

      ‘A wildness that they cannot control or comprehend … ‘ you are spot on. I appreciate the reminder of this and as always your well-rounded ideas.
      Paying attention to those among us who witness someone in a suicidal crisis is just as important as paying attention to the suicidal cry. Gentleness points the way; pro-active support hunting gets us through.
      Love CC / BFA

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