Depression: A Global Issue

The World Health Organization predicts that by 2020 depression will constitute the second largest disease burden worldwide. How do you care for your mental health?

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Creative Arts

People support and improve their mental health by participating in the Creative ...

Embodiment Arts

While the mind may be the source of despair, anguish and chaos, ...
Photographer: Shami Kiely, Caveboy Studio

Sacred Arts

Finding meaning in life can be a challenge during difficult times. This ...
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My Story

Beneath the kimono and the purple lipstick, beyond the shape of my ...

What People Say

For much of my life I have struggled with depression, anxiety and self-acceptance and I decided I wanted to pursue alternative ways of managing and overcoming my struggles that didn’t involve prescription medication. On reading Charlotte’s Babyfacedassassin website I gained some tremendous insights and found myself saying “yes! this really speaks to me!” Read more…

The Rosanna Life Drawing Group always enjoys Charlotte’s modelling. She has a good understanding of the strengths of her figure, clearly informed by her dance background and incorporates gesture and form in some excellent poses. Read more…

Charlotte has been our ‘go to’ life model at CATC design school for three years. Read more…

As an experienced life model, Charlotte is clearly sensitive to the needs of the students, delivering a full-spectrum repertoire of short and long poses. Read more…

Charlotte was a breeze to direct; adaptable & flexible. Her sensual intelligence and easy-flowing style added an extra ethereal dimension to the project. Read more…

Her modelling style is feminine, graceful and strong and flows naturally through each posture. Read more…

What Do Women and Depression Have in Common?

I’ve been collecting information like a scientist. What could be viewed as a social experiment – inviting women to a workshop called The Art of Depression – is as close to scientific experimentation as The Babyfacedassassin gets. While the workshop’s first and foremost intention was to provide techniques on how to overcome depression, it was […]

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Mental Health and Relationships: Can Self-Care be Sexy?

Have you ever felt as though having mental health issues has gotten in the way of romance? It’s certainly been the case for me when my primary focus has been on, as they say, ‘staying well’, while most of my friends were dating and dancing at discos. Once upon a time, the nitty-gritty complexity of […]

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The Seclusion and Restraint Declaration

I believe that seclusion and restraint of people with mental health problems is a human rights issue! In 2005, all Australian Governments agreed to act to reduce and where possible to eliminate the use of seclusion and restraint.  Despite this, when the National Mental Health Commission was started in 2012, seclusion and restraint was raised […]

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A Blessing for Humanity

This is my creative and spiritual approach to sharing one of my favourite sacred arts with humanity – a blessing. When I was struggling to overcome depression in a psychiatric clinic, a woman offered me a blessing which had profound effects. Blessings are mood enhancing, life affirming and activate positive change.

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Photographer: Shami Kiely, Caveboy Studio

Mental Health Care Revolution: Feel it!

I entered a competition called Are You A Messenger? My compelling message was based on promoting more heart and soul in mental health care. This video was inspired by discovering that ketamine (a horse tranquilizer) has been claimed to revolutionise mental health care – an option I feel is unnecessary when we have so many […]

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Burning Man Festival Performance

Performed at Centre Camp Café, Burning Man Festival 2013. This poem draws attention to the need for social awareness, understanding and holistic care for people experiencing depression and suicidal thinking. I advocate for the creative, embodiment and sacred arts in mental health care and ask: Since when was our sadness a symptom of madness, and […]

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CREATIVE ARTIST: How Poetry Helps Our Mental Health

When spoken word poet, Jessie Giles, announced that she was leaving Facebook, I hunted her down with a WHY? Here is a passionate poet who always has something of value to say. A beautiful young woman with the unique ability to show up society with the delicacy of a calligraphy pen, JG speaks candidly about […]

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The Babyfacedassassin on The Asking of the Help

I write about it as though it were a yoga pose, an art form, a gesture of love. I rabbit on about it because it’s always at our disposal and ready to be activated, although, for fear of judgement, we cast it aside. I’m a huge fan of The Asking of the Help. I’d say […]

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SACRED ARTISTS: The Pilgrimage to Burning Man Festival

I went to Burning Man Festival to launch my first book. Three days later, I burnt the book, along with a symbolic decade of hardship and psychological tumult. It’s that kind of festival. It calls forth the ‘meaningful’ within a chaotic circus of post-modern mayhem. Black Rock City is the week-long social experiment that pools […]

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CREATIVE ARTIST: Healing through Music

It was Damen Samuel who said, ‘I think everybody knows on an unconscious level what’s good for them and it’s about bringing that to the forefront of their minds.’ When I asked Damen Samuel about what he thought was good for him, we entered into an unassuming conversation about Depeche Mode, the magic potion of […]

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